Who’s Responsible?

Never before have we had so much information readily available at our fingertips. We literally have the world in front of us. Want to see something new and exciting? No problem. Want to learn a new language? You sure can. Want to learn a totally new topic or learn more about one? You can do … Continue reading Who’s Responsible?


Complexity Maybe an Understatement

It’s interesting (and somewhat concerning) to me that for so long, I’ve been taught to analyze the elements and not so much the system. I’ve been told time and time again, if you break down a complex phenomenon into more manageable parts, then you will be able to understand how something works. Literally, take it … Continue reading Complexity Maybe an Understatement

Research Thoughts

I was recently asked if I would like to focus on practical or theoretical research. It’s an important question to think about. I’m not saying my answer is set in stone, but at this stage in my career, I am primarily interested in practical research questions. I’m not disregarding the importance of theoretical research questions; … Continue reading Research Thoughts

Part of a System

Autism intervention is not for the faint at heart. Emotions run high. It’s a stressful environment. There are agreements and even more disagreements. Some interventions work – others don’t. You progress 2 steps just to be pushed back 10 steps. It seems relentless. So why do it? That honestly comes down to the person. Many … Continue reading Part of a System