This week we started using SystemiTool to depict systems. I can’t get enough of this program! I really like the simplicity and how easy it has been to use the program. It’s so easy to place nodes, change the titles, link the nodes, move things around, change colors, really customize the systemigram to what you … Continue reading SystemiTool


Quantitative Research

Even though I have always identified myself as a quantitative researcher, it wasn’t until this class that I’m actually starting to grasp what that means. In some respects, I’ve changed my title to partial quantitative researcher. My title change comes from the assumption that the majority of researchers use more traditional methods of quantitative data … Continue reading Quantitative Research


Complex systems can be depicted, but that is easier said than done. I greatly underestimated this in class. I thought I could take some detailed notes of a movie we watched and create a systemigram. This is where things went south – I should never assume. So where did I go wrong? Well for starters, … Continue reading Systemigrams


As a researcher, I’ve honestly never used measurement scales. I really haven’t had to use them – I was only really interested in observable, measurable behaviors. Now I’m not saying that people’s thoughts or attitudes about particular topics are not important. I’ve just gone about gathering this data in different ways (i.e., written surveys or … Continue reading Scales


I am interested in learning more about online learning environments, but have a limited experience with online learning. As a student, I’ve traditionally had classes face to face, but a few general education classes were all online (asynchronous). As a graduate student, I spent some time working with an online training program that provided behavior … Continue reading MOOCs