Summative Reflection of LTEC 6010

Over the past few months, I feel this course has contributed most to my foundational knowledge related to learning theories. Prior to this course, I had limited knowledge of other learning theories outside of behaviorism.  I knew that other learning theories like cognitivism and constructivism existed but could not describe fundamental components of these theories. … Continue reading Summative Reflection of LTEC 6010


A Training That Met the Needs

For my instructional design course, I finished the semester strong with a second full project. For the second project, I collaborated with a real estate agent to create a training module for her new employees. The training covered daily tasks (51 tasks in total) the administrative assistants would be required to complete. Categories addressed in … Continue reading A Training That Met the Needs

The Line Between Analysis and Design

According to, analysis is simply defined as “a detailed examination of the elements or structure of something.” To me, this definition is vague and leaves room for interpretation from the reader (or the analyst). For example, a “detailed examination” could mean different things to different people depending on their previous knowledge, experiences, and skills. … Continue reading The Line Between Analysis and Design


This week we started using SystemiTool to depict systems. I can’t get enough of this program! I really like the simplicity and how easy it has been to use the program. It’s so easy to place nodes, change the titles, link the nodes, move things around, change colors, really customize the systemigram to what you … Continue reading SystemiTool